An American Celebration of Car Culture

Independence Day USA – July 4, 2018

Brevard, North Carolina

America’s sports car – 1967 Corvette Stingray

A beautiful day in the mountains of North Carolina to bring out classic American cars as well as those of international lineage. Classic cars, sport cars, muscle cars, British cars, German cars…… they were all here for this annual Fourth of July car show. Enjoy the photos.

Two German classics that need no introduction

An American powerhouse – 1974 Chevelle SS

Shelby Lives!

American Muscle rules!

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Held July Fourth annually, this is a must see show for those car enthusiasts living or visiting in the Brevard area. Put it on the calendar for 2019!


Euro Autofest: Premier European Autos on the Greens & Fairways!

The 2017 Euro Auto Festival in Greenville, South Carolina, was held on a beautiful autumn Saturday on the Verdae Greens Golf Course. This was a judged event showcasing beautiful European vintage, classic and modern collectible automobiles. Below are some photos of these beautiful cars with commentary. Enjoy!

Fiat Spyder 124 Abarth

This may have to be our next roadster. Roo & I currently drive a Mazda Miata, and since Mazda and Fiat collaborated on this new Fiat, it would be a logical next move. The reliability of Mazda with the Italian character and sexiness of Fiat and the performance of Abarth. Best of all roadster worlds!

Ah. Das Bug!

Roo and Susan enjoying a classic Beetle.

When was the last time you saw a DeLorean!

I had one of these. A real fun car! The poor man’s Corvette.

1973 Opel GT

The Supercars made an appearance 

The Brits and their classic roadsters. Timeless.

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On a beach trip with the fam, as a mere 13 year old, this car started my fascination with automobiles, especially sports cars. Dad parked the car, and as we walked through the parking lot to the beach entrance, we passed right by this beauty.  I immediately fell in love. I had to have one (never did). Today, in my mind, this is the only non-Italian auto that one can actually call sexy. Not the entire marque, mind you. Just this one model:

Jaguar E Series: XKE

Volkswagen was the featured marque, and this Bus was meticulously restored and redone. Very cool.

A line of Bugs

This was a well run event, showcasing the extremes from McLarens to Beetles. Next year, Italian cars will be showcased. We’ll definitely be attending that show!






Benson Auto OktoberFast!

A gorgeous autumn day had me drop the top on my Miata and cruise over to the town of Greer, South Carolina for the Benson Auto OktoberFast! Beautiful cars, many impeccably restored, like the 1959 Jaguar Roadster pictured above. If this was the only car in the lot it would have been worth the drive. This is a small show that attracts some pretty outstanding automobiles, foreign and domestic. Enjoy the show!

1959 Jaguar Roadster

Ford Thunderbird

Oh, this one was dear to my heart. My very first car, I was all over this vehicle taking photos when the owner engaged me in conversation. He did a fantastic job with it’s restoration. That 302 V8 4bbl just would not die in mine!

1968 Mercury Cougar XR7

Random photos

“Nothing can beat my SS396.”

(Beach Boys)

1952 MG.  Very cool!

Corvettes are always a favorite

There’s always at least one Rat car in a show

A row of goats

If I were a Cadillac man, this would be it………….

Alfa Romeo Rally Car

This was a well put together, grass roots car show, supporting the local ministry bringing food and mobility to the local elderly population. A must see again next year!



Celebrating America with Classic Cars

It’s the Fourth of July, and the Brevard, North Carolina annual Classic Car Show has us rippin’ up the mountain in our MX-5. Top down, beautiful sunny morning (didn’t stay that way), and as luck would have it, I tucked in behind a Porsche Carrera on the twisty mountain road that would take us across the state line into Brevard.

The temps were much cooler as I parked my Miata. A breeze was blowing, but the clouds were building. Rain was in the forecast. I raised the top and grabbed my camera. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the show:

Old Corvettes are always a favorite

The old

and the new (that’s 600 freakin’ HP!)

On the other end of the power spectrum (tee hee)

A 1959 Bug Eye Sprite!

An Urban Assault Vehicle. This is a Metropolitan. Zippy in traffic!

1949 Willy’s CJ2. Today I learned the CJ designation stands for Civilian Jeep, post WWII. Never new that. This is beautifully restored.

The Chevrolet Belair – America’s car

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This was a great show, as always. Lots of beautifully restored automobiles. After lunch, while walking back to my Miata, the rain began. My anticipation of a spirited drive down the mountain will have to wait till next time.


Cars & Coffee in May on a Beautiful Spring Day- A Pictorial

The May meetup of Cars & Coffee here in Greenville, South Carolina had a great turnout on a beautiful spring day.  Some fabulous cars showed up, and a few motorbikes too.

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A few classic motorbikes showed up as well:

A great Spring morning sipping coffee and looking at beautiful autos that are mostly every day drivers. Not a bad way to spend an hour or two on a Saturday morning.

A Cold Drive in the Mountains

“Twenty-eight degrees for the high? And we’re going to drive our convertibles into the North Carolina mountains? In January?” I replied to our Miata club e-mail announcing this months group drive. “This Florida boy will have to give this one some thought,” I continued.


But this was to be our first group drive since joining the Foothills Miata Club in early January, and I wanted to see what this group was all about. The fourth Saturday of each month gets a bunch of MX-5’s together for a lunch drive, usually to a destination that involves the curviest roads to be found. I asked Roo if she was game, and with some reservation, she said yes. Thankfully, Mazda endowed the Miata’s with an exceptional heating system!


We met the rest of the group in the town of Landrum, South Carolina, where we introduced ourselves all around and the drive leader conducted the drivers meeting. Today’s drive was to take us to the North Carolina High Country, i.e. mountains! Three hours of beautiful scenery and mostly curvaceous roads that led to the small hamlet of Valle Crucis, North Carolina.

Taking a break at half-way



Twelve cars pulled out of the parking lot, and we began snaking our way towards North Carolina. Many of the back roads we traveled on were familiar to me, having ridden on them by way of motorcycle many times. But there were a few roads our drive leader led us on that were just absolutely sick! I tried to commit these new-to-me roads to memory so I could have some fun on the motorbike too!

Snow capped mountains in the background-that’s where we’re headed!


Three hours of fun driving later, we arrived in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. A small hamlet tucked in the mountains between Boone (home to Appalachian State University), and Banner Elk, North Carolina, Valle Crucis is the home of the original Mast General Store.

Original Mast General Store


Built in 1883, the Mast General Store, and general stores in ……… general, were the business, political, and social hub of rural mountain communities. They were the “happening” places for residents of these small towns and the surrounding farms.

The Mast General Store has now become a chain store of sorts, with stores throughout North and South Carolina, selling clothing, goods and wares in an atmosphere reminiscent of old-timey Appalachia.

The General Store housed the post office too

Purveyors of general goods

Our lunch stop was right across the street from Mast General Store. Over Yonder Restaurant is housed in an old residence from the early 1900’s. Beautiful old house, with each of its rooms set up as separate dining areas. Our club had one room all to itself. Food was good, portions were small, price was high. Not a real good value, but we had a really good time with the fellow Miata owners at our table.



After a while, everyone said their goodbyes and went their separate ways to home. It was 3:00 PM and we still had a way to go to get back to Greenville and The Beagles. Fired up the MX-5, inputted “home” and “fastest route” in the GPS, and off we went. And yes, it was still very cold!