Ain’t That a Peach

This year I decided to casually participate in the Moss Miata Motoring Challenge. The Challenge is a year long scavenger hunt put on by Moss Motors, purveyors of all things Roadster. It is based on a points system, points being awarded upon finding items on a tally sheet that are theme categorized. It’s fun, and gets you driving about and seeing places you have never been, or possibly would never see if not doing the Challenge.


Upon arriving at the item, you take a photo of the item, your car, and the cover of the Moss Motors catalog cover. You then send the photos in and points are accrued throughout the year (January – December).

For my first drive of the Challenge, I chose The Roadside Oddities category. I had one already in mind that I wanted to visit, and had seen it numerous times from the Interstate, but never close up. It is not far from from where I live, located in Gaffney, South Carolina.

The Upstate of South Carolina is noted for it’s acres and acres of peach orchards, probably only second to the state of Georgia in producing this delicious fruit. Years ago, the powers that be decided to erect a ………….tribute (?) to the gem of South Carolina agriculture: a giant peach.

The Miata under the Giant Peach


Urban Myth or Southern Humor?

Back in the 1980’s or 90’s, I believe, a big name entertainer gave a concert here in South Carolina. Upon seeing the giant peach, she asked what it was. When told it was a peach to honor South Carolina’s peach growing industry, it was rumored that she said: “Well, it looks like a big ass.”

To this day, Gaffneys peach is still affectionately called by some, the big ass.

Have another look

Now, ain’t that a peach?

On to the next Challenge…………………


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