Celebrating America with Classic Cars

It’s the Fourth of July, and the Brevard, North Carolina annual Classic Car Show has us rippin’ up the mountain in our MX-5. Top down, beautiful sunny morning (didn’t stay that way), and as luck would have it, I tucked in behind a Porsche Carrera on the twisty mountain road that would take us across the state line into Brevard.

The temps were much cooler as I parked my Miata. A breeze was blowing, but the clouds were building. Rain was in the forecast. I raised the top and grabbed my camera. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the show:

Old Corvettes are always a favorite

The old

and the new (that’s 600 freakin’ HP!)

On the other end of the power spectrum (tee hee)

A 1959 Bug Eye Sprite!

An Urban Assault Vehicle. This is a Metropolitan. Zippy in traffic!

1949 Willy’s CJ2. Today I learned the CJ designation stands for Civilian Jeep, post WWII. Never new that. This is beautifully restored.

The Chevrolet Belair – America’s car

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was a great show, as always. Lots of beautifully restored automobiles. After lunch, while walking back to my Miata, the rain began. My anticipation of a spirited drive down the mountain will have to wait till next time.



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