A Winters Day Drive? Not!




Celebrating America with Classic Cars

It’s the Fourth of July, and the Brevard, North Carolina annual Classic Car Show has us rippin’ up the mountain in our MX-5. Top down, beautiful sunny morning (didn’t stay that way), and as luck would have it, I tucked in behind a Porsche Carrera on the twisty mountain road that would take us across the state line into Brevard.

The temps were much cooler as I parked my Miata. A breeze was blowing, but the clouds were building. Rain was in the forecast. I raised the top and grabbed my camera. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the show:

Old Corvettes are always a favorite

The old

and the new (that’s 600 freakin’ HP!)

On the other end of the power spectrum (tee hee)

A 1959 Bug Eye Sprite!

An Urban Assault Vehicle. This is a Metropolitan. Zippy in traffic!

1949 Willy’s CJ2. Today I learned the CJ designation stands for Civilian Jeep, post WWII. Never new that. This is beautifully restored.

The Chevrolet Belair – America’s car

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This was a great show, as always. Lots of beautifully restored automobiles. After lunch, while walking back to my Miata, the rain began. My anticipation of a spirited drive down the mountain will have to wait till next time.


Cars & Coffee in May on a Beautiful Spring Day- A Pictorial

The May meetup of Cars & Coffee here in Greenville, South Carolina had a great turnout on a beautiful spring day.  Some fabulous cars showed up, and a few motorbikes too.

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A few classic motorbikes showed up as well:

A great Spring morning sipping coffee and looking at beautiful autos that are mostly every day drivers. Not a bad way to spend an hour or two on a Saturday morning.

Ain’t That a Peach

This year I decided to casually participate in the Moss Miata Motoring Challenge. The Challenge is a year long scavenger hunt put on by Moss Motors, purveyors of all things Roadster. It is based on a points system, points being awarded upon finding items on a tally sheet that are theme categorized. It’s fun, and gets you driving about and seeing places you have never been, or possibly would never see if not doing the Challenge.


Upon arriving at the item, you take a photo of the item, your car, and the cover of the Moss Motors catalog cover. You then send the photos in and points are accrued throughout the year (January – December).

For my first drive of the Challenge, I chose The Roadside Oddities category. I had one already in mind that I wanted to visit, and had seen it numerous times from the Interstate, but never close up. It is not far from from where I live, located in Gaffney, South Carolina.

The Upstate of South Carolina is noted for it’s acres and acres of peach orchards, probably only second to the state of Georgia in producing this delicious fruit. Years ago, the powers that be decided to erect a ………….tribute (?) to the gem of South Carolina agriculture: a giant peach.

The Miata under the Giant Peach


Urban Myth or Southern Humor?

Back in the 1980’s or 90’s, I believe, a big name entertainer gave a concert here in South Carolina. Upon seeing the giant peach, she asked what it was. When told it was a peach to honor South Carolina’s peach growing industry, it was rumored that she said: “Well, it looks like a big ass.”

To this day, Gaffneys peach is still affectionately called by some, the big ass.

Have another look

Now, ain’t that a peach?

On to the next Challenge…………………

Cars & Coffee

 Christmas Eve was a nice, relatively warm day here at home. Once per month, on the fourth Saturday of each, a large, grass roots, car event called Cars & Coffee is put on at the Michelin Headquarters here in Greenville, South Carolina.

People bring their own rides to park and show in the expansive Michelin parking lot. All manner of automobiles show up, from classics to modern muscle. This is an every man and woman car show, daily drivers that folks are proud to show off. Some motorcycles make their way here as well, and, on this day, we all were treated to a car from a very popular 1960’s TV show.

The Batmobile


The crowd moved as one as the driver slowly rolled to a parking space. No Batman suit or boy Robin unfortunately. But this car is an amazing replica that this fellow built, down to the minutest detail.

A few classic cars were here, but mostly we saw modern muscle and sports cars.

A few classics – a beauty of a 1940’s pickup

Everyone knows what this is!


The American Classic – Chevrolet Belair sedan & Nomad Wagon

Sports Cars


There were a number of Roadsters here, including a few Miata’s from our car club. By far, they are my favorite style of sports car (a bit biased, I know), giving Roo and I the most fun for our money.

Here is a beautifully styled and great performing car that isn’t seen on the roads much, but should be.

Honda S2000


One car caught my aesthetic eye and jumped out at me. Italian style and Japanese performance beautifully matched:

Fiat 124 Spyder

Although the Fiat is built by Mazda, virtually all the car mags give the performance nod to the Miata MX-5 in head to head showdowns. But this Spyder sure is a looker, and a powerful performer in her own right.

No discussion of Roadsters would be complete without mention of the contribution of Britain to the world of sports cars. Iconic cars of the 1960’s such as the Jaguar E series, MG’s, and Triumphs were automobiles that today’s Roadsters are built upon (minus the Lucas electronics!). Here is one that exemplifies the Golden Age of small British Roadsters that everyone recognizes:

Triumph TR6

This was a fantastic event that I am happy to have stumbled upon. Being Christmas Eve, the turnout was apparently low, only about 70 cars! I have been told the usual turnout is double that! Looking forward to see what turns up here come springtime!